Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to our Home away from Home!

Ninilchik has been good to us. It has been a fun place for family and friends to gather together to catch fish, play games, have campfires, and enjoy eachother.

The Story

It all started back around 1991. Some old friends (The Lunds) had a piece of property that was available for visitors, so Dad took them up on the offer. For a couple of years the Herberts, Thayers, Ramptons, Weights, Palmers, Bechtolds, and others frequented the lot. This was sufficient until good ol' dad spotted some prime realty down the road. But what fun is it to be the only one in the area with property? That's when the word spread and several Eagle River families jumped on board and bought lots too. The Herberts, Ramptons, Boltons, Christensens, Dougals, Paces, and Thayers all became lot owners.The lots were there, and so were the campers. But no cabins lived upon the lots right away. Slowly each owner developed his own property in his own way. For several years, our lot was dotted with tents, tarps, an out-house, and a pop-up trailor. It wasn't until 2003 that the cement tubes were poured, and the outside structor was erected for our cabin. Each year the cabin has been treated with new additions and improvements. The most exciting one (at least for the women) has been this years addition of a bathroom- with a flushing toilet, running water, and a SHOWER!!!

From Tarps and Tents to Tile and Toilets

Go Fishing... just for the Halibut! (and salmon)

Let the good times roll...